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How Video Works
How Video Works: From Broadcast to the Cloud 3rd Ed.
List Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $42.49
Your Savings: $7.46

How Video Works raises the curtain on how video is created, scanned, transmitted, stored, compressed, encoded, delivered and streamed to its multitude of destinations.
Television Operations: A Handbook of Technical Operations for TV Broadcast, On Air, Cable, Mobile and Internet
List Price: $79.00
Sale Price: $71.10
Your Savings: $7.90

This book covers the basics of TV master control operation so an operator is familiar with the concepts, practices and the regulations inherent in the job. This book is specifically designed for those with a minimum to moderate amount of master control exposure. Experienced operators and non-technical managers will also benefit from the text.
Video Production 101: Delivering the Message
List Price: $54.99
Sale Price: $49.49
Your Savings: $5.50

Video Production 101: Delivering the Message introduces and explores the roles of story development, producing, directing, camerawork, editing, sound design, and other aspects key to media creation. After each topic is explored students develop their skills with hands-on activities in each chapter, such as making a video self-portrait, visual poem, public service announcement, promotional video, short fiction film, and documentary.
Video Production 101: Learn by Video: Delivering the Message DVD
List Price: $64.99
Sale Price: $58.49
Your Savings: $6.50

The video is wrapped in a unique interface that allows you to jump to any topic and also bookmark individual sections for later review. The unique “Watch and Work” mode shrinks the video into a small window to allow you to work alongside in the software. Project files used in the lessons are included on the disc so you can practice what you’ve learned, and interactive review questions help reinforce freshly gained knowledge.
3D Movie Making: Stereoscopic Digital Cinema from Script to Screen
List Price: $51.95
Sale Price: $44.15

Hollywood is going 3D! Join the revolution with this primer to all of the essential skills for live action 3D, from preproduction through distribution. 3D perception and science is presented in an accessible way that provides the principles of Stereoscopic vision you need to make the transition from the 2D world.
3D Storytelling: How Stereoscopic 3D Works and How to Use it
List Price: $36.95
Sale Price: $31.40

3D Storytelling is the ultimate guide for directors, cinematographers, producers, and designers of stereoscopic 3D movies and videos. With an emphasis on the aesthetic over the technical, this book is an essential foundation for showing you how to use 3D creatively to tell a story.
3D TV and 3D Cinema:Tools and Processes for Creative Stereoscopy
List Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $42.46

Learn how to adapt your cinematography and production skills to this growing medium and be part of the movement.
The Art of Digital Video
List Price: $90.00
Sale Price: $76.50

The industry "bible" is back and it's better than ever. The Art of Digital Video has served as the ultimate reference guide for those working with digital video for generations.
Raindance Producers' Lab Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking
List Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $33.96

Covering both tried and true filmmaking techniques as well as insight on marketing, selling, and distributing your film, Raindance Producers’ Lab, Second Edition is the ultimate independent filmmaker’s guide to producing movies.
Video Production Handbook 5th Edition
List Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $42.46

Techniques matter! Great ideas don't automatically translate into great programs. It's not enough simply to show what is going on.
Alternative Scriptwriting Beyond the Hollywood Formula, 5th Edition
List Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $29.71

Unlike other screenwriting books, this unique guide pushes you to challenge yourself and break free of tired, formulaic writing--bending or breaking the rules of storytelling as we know them.
Television Production 15th Edition
List Price: $64.95
Sale Price: $55.21

Television Production offers you a very practical guide to professional TV and video production techniques.
The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro X
List Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $25.46

The author has provided a PDF/video update for the 10.0.6 and 10.0.7 software changes. Those files can be accessed via the book's companion website, access to which is included when you purchase the book.
Grammar of the Edit
List Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $21.21

Tell more effective visual stories by learning the "grammar" of cinematic language with this elegant, accessible reference
Grammar of the Shot 3rd Ed
List Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $21.21

Whether you're just learning how to frame a shot or simply looking for a refresher, the third edition of Grammar of the Shot gives you the tools you need to build a successful visual story that flows smoothly and makes sense to your audience.
The MPEG Handbook 2nd Edition
List Price: $84.95
Sale Price: $72.21

A complete, professional 'bible' on all aspects of audio and video compression using MPEG technology, including the MPEG-4 standard and, in this second edition, H-264.
The Technology of Video and Audio Streaming 2nd Ed.
List Price: $66.95
Sale Price: $56.91

The book first deals with Internet basics and gives a thorough coverage of telecommunications networks and the last mile to the home.
Understanding Digital Cinema A Professional Handbook
List Price: $85.95
Sale Price: $73.06

UNDERSTANDING DIGITAL CINEMA: A PROFESSIONAL HANDBOOK is a comprehensive resource on all aspects of finishing, distributing and displaying film digitally.
The Visual Story Creating the Visual Structure of Film, TV and Digital Media, 2nd Edition
List Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $29.71

The Visual Story offers a clear view of the relationship between the story/script structure and the visual structure of a film, video, or multimedia work. An understanding of the visual components will serve as the guide to strengthening the overall story.
HDTV and the Transition to Digital Broadcasting Understanding New Television Technologies

HDTV and the Transition to Digital Broadcasting bridges the gap between non-technical personnel (management and creative) and technical by giving you a working knowledge of digital television technology, a clear understanding of the challenges of HDTV and digital broadcasting, and a scope of the ramifications of HDTV in the consumer space.
Understanding Digital Television: An Introduction to DVB Systems with Satellite, Cable, Broadband and Terrestrial TV Distribution
List Price: $53.95
Sale Price: $45.86

It helps non-technical individuals such as managers, executives, general media professionals, as well as TV and home cinema enthusiasts gain a practical understanding of the equipment, technical aspects of digital television, and various ways of distributing.
Understanding Broadcast and Cable Finance: A Primer for Nonfinancial Managers, 2nd Edition
List Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $33.96
Your Savings: $5.99

From on-air talent contracts and FCC regulations to syndicated program amortization to music licensing fees, electronic media deal with financial principles and jargon that are unique to American business.
Video Over IP IPTV, Internet Video, H.264, P2P, Web TV, and Streaming: A Complete Guide to Understanding the Technology, 2nd Edition
List Price: $64.95
Sale Price: $55.21

Video Over IP gives you everything you need to know to choose from among the many ways of transferring your video over a network.
Fix It In Post Solutions for Postproduction Problems
List Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $33.96

This book provides an array of concise solutions to the wide variety of problems that are faced by postproduction artists in the post process.
Technology and Workflows for Multiple Channel Content Distribution Infrastructure implementation strategies for converged production and Workflows for Multiple Channel Content Distribution
List Price: $79.95
Sale Price: $67.96

This book addresses the emergence of multi-channel broadcasting. Televisions, PCs, handheld and mobile reception devices now all receive content hat was once solely distributed by broadcast TV.
Cinematography: Theory and Practice Image Making for Cinematographers and Directors, 2nd Edition
List Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $42.46

Cinematography has been translated into many languages and is a staple at the world's top film schools.
The Filmmakers Eye
List Price: $27.95
Sale Price: $23.76

This is the only book that combines conceptual and practical instruction on creating polished and eloquent images for film and video with the technical know-how to achieve them.
Lighting for Digital Video and Television 3rd Edition
List Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $38.21

Enhance the visual quality of your motion pictures and digital videos with a solid understanding of lighting fundamentals.
Documentary Storytelling Creative Non-fiction on Screen, 3rd Edition
List Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $25.46

Updated and improved, with new case studies and conversations with award-winning filmmakers including Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side), James Marsh (Man on Wire), and Deborah Scranton (The War Tapes).
The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers A Legal Toolkit for Independent Producers, 2nd Edition
List Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $29.71

Find quick answers to these and hundreds of other questions in this new edition of The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers.
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